What We Do & Who We Are


Never just account numbers

Our clients are never database entries, but families and individuals that we have known and served for decades. We are personally involved in their lives as they are in ours.

We are your guide to managing your family’s or company’s financial plan for the long-term. Focusing on the intersection of the things that matter to you and the things you can control, we align your family values with your capital and, if appropriate provide, you with a financial and action plan to follow.

Get to Know HFM

HFM Investment Advisors is an independent, comprehensive, fee-based financial planning firm that utilizes investor education based on Nobel prize-winning academic research to help clients invest to achieve their goals.

With offices in Newark, DE and Sarasota, FL, we are dedicated to providing the professional advice and strategies to help guide your family’s financial future.

Stephen Hyde
Stephen Hyde

As a trusted Financial Planner with over 35 years providing expert personal guidance and advice that helps his clients build and ensure their financial futures, Stephen is dedicated to serving his clients at the highest levels of service and transparency.

Joy DeBenedictis

With the HFM Delaware Office for over 28 years, Joy is the “Institutional” memory of HFM. Her concise knowledge of where everything is, how to find it, and how it works, makes her invaluable. The way that she works with clients makes her legendary.